If your all for raising money for your organization but out of ideas on how to make your next fundraiser event fun, engaging, and entertaining, then it’s time to host it at The Fun Garage family entertainment center.
The Fun Garage will customize the ultimate event for your organization to raise money and give you the opportunity to create a unique way for your donors, students, or members to interact with your organization.
Organizing fundraising events at The Fun Garage family entertainment center is incredibly easy if you’re a registered nonprofit organization, school, or an individual who wants to make a difference in the Canton community.
All you have to do and contact us, select a date, and we’ll provide flyers to help you spread the word. The Fun Garage will also donate 10% of all direct sales generated by your guests back to your organization.

Ready to turn-up the fun factor on your next fundraising event at Canton’s premier venue? Contact The Fun Garage and find out how we can help connect community and raise money for your organization.